Whether you want to talk about the reading list, form a study group, collaborate with partners or just get to know each other better out of class, Mythgard Institute has you covered.  Connect with your fellow students, the instructors and the Institute itself using these social media options.

Google Plus

Google+ Hangouts

Mythgard students create and host Google+ hangout for their classmates – and fans of the Institute – to talk about all the literary things they love. Join the next hangout – or create your own and let us know about it!


Discuss the reading list with your classmates in the Mythgard Institute Scholars Group on Goodreads.  This student resource is perfect for sharing your literary thoughts – and your great taste in books.


Keep in touch with other Mythgard Institute fans on our Facebook page.  This ubiquitous social networking platform will help you stay current on the MI crowd.


The absolute latest from the Institute, served up 140 characters at a time.  Follow @Mythgardian to find news and announcements as they happen.  It’s like an espresso shot of Mythgard!


Watch the latest video content from Mythgard Institute.  From student interviews to faculty presentations to class previews to special guest lectures, you’ll find it all on the YouTube channel!

Let us know if you’ve created  any groups, pages, hashtags, channels and the like that we should know about!