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Ender’s Game

This spring, the Mythgard Academy explores new frontiers, making its first foray into the genre of science fiction with the much-loved modern classic, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  We will discuss the book in five weekly sessions, and then take a sixth session in which to discuss the recent film adaptation of the book.  Like all Mythgard Academy classes, this study is free and open to the public.  You can download audio or video recordings of the class sessions here from our website, through our Mythgard podcast feed on iTunes, or through our Ender’s Game course on iTunes U.  You are also invited to participate in the class live!  The first 100 attendees will be able to take part in the interactive class discussions, which will take place on Tuesday evenings at 9:30 pm (EDT), starting on April 1, 2014.


Student Driven Learning

Mythgard Academy is an innovative program through which we aim to make in-depth discussion of people’s favorite works of fantasy and science fiction literature free and open to everyone.  The Mythgard Academy features live discussions with Mythgard Institute faculty to which all are invited, free of charge.  Recordings of our sessions are freely available after class, and we let our supporters decide what books we read.

In order to make Mythgard Academy classes numerous, diverse, and free to everyone, we need your support!  Organizing, hosting, and running courses takes a lot of resources and a dedicated team of people, and we want the Mythgard Academy courses to be something that we can offer consistently for months and years to come. To make this a reality, we partnered with crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo, allowing student fans to back the courses of their choice.


If you missed our fundraising campaign but would still like to take part in our class voting process to decide our future topics for the rest of the year, it isn’t too late!  Check out the terms as laid out in the Indiegogo campaign (linked above), and then make your own contribution to us directly.

- Dr. Corey Olsen

Learn more about the campaign:

Stay tuned to our Campaign page for more information about the Mythgard Academy and the courses that will be offered in future terms.

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