Student Spotlight: Trish Lambert

Trish LambertM.A. Student
Liberty Hill, Texas

A Quick Talk with Trish Lambert

About Trish and Tolkien:

Professor Tolkien was still alive when I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I was in junior high school, and I wrote him a fan letter which was answered by someone at Allen & Unwin (his UK publishers). I wish I had kept that letter!  I have read and reread a number of Tolkien’s pieces over the years, though I didn’t successfully get through The Silmarillion until “meeting” Professor Olsen through his podcasts. I was thrilled when Peter Jackson’s movies brought Tolkien back into the minds of the public, and am really enjoying being back in Middle Earth via Professor Olsen and Mythgard.

Pursuing an M.A. will not only allow me to dive deeply into literature that I love, but may offer new professional opportunities at this stage of my life.

About pursuing an M.A. through Mythgard Institute:

I graduated from college around 35 years ago and have spent my career on the science and technology end of the spectrum. Pursuing an M.A. will not only allow me to dive deeply into literature that I love, but may offer new professional opportunities at this stage of my life. So, rather than simply become a perennial auditor and enjoy every minute of it,  I’ve decided to go for an M.A., and am still loving every minute!

About the courses Trish has taken/is or will be taking:

As of today (June 2012), I have completed Making of Myth (Spring 2012 semester) and am in the midst of Modern Fantasy (Summer 2012 semester). I will be auditing Professor Olsen’s Mythgard Academy Summer 2012 course (The Fellowship of the Ring) for fun, and plan to enroll in his course on The Hobbit for the Fall 2012 semester. On the horizon: the philology courses that are in the making, and anything to do with The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and other things Tolkien!

About accomplishing the coursework:

I love the virtual interface of the lectures. There’s no need for me make time to travel to and from class; I just click the URL and there I am! Professor Olsen has mastered this lecture venue and has made it easy for students to use the online tools and resources to connect and get the most they can from the courses. As far as writing the papers, it’s an adventure for me. Backed by a successful career in commercial writing, I’m now learning the ropes of writing for literary critique, which is quite different from the writing I spend most of my time on. I haven’t mastered this yet, but I’m on the way!

About Trish’s life outside of Mythgard:

I own my own marketing consulting business, which these days is pretty much devoted to writing all kinds of marketing content for a wide range of clients; I also own a coaching business called Success in Sweatpants, which is specifically for solo business owners who want to work from home and achieve their financial goals along with the rest of their life goals. To fill in any spare time, I own three horses and am learning to train and ride them using the Parelli approach to natural horsemanship. And I have four dogs, a cat, and a parrot (Buddha, who is quite vocal during my Mythgard course discussion sessions) to keep me company!

About anything else Trish wants us to know:

I am thrilled to be part of the Mythgard team bringing you the Riddles in the Dark podcast. Dave Kale and I are creating the digest podcasts, which gives me a great reason to keep myself immersed in The Hobbit and to devote time to (fun) conversations with listeners about the book versus the movie from all sorts of angles.