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09.11.2013 – “Taking an online class from the Mythgard Institute. Mostly for fun. Someone, on the class discussion boards today… “I don’t normally enjoy controversy. However, I really do like being in a place in which liking Webster’s more than O.E.D. is inflammatory.”

09.06.2013 – “Brilliant session on the beauty and majesty of the Gothic language on Mythgard Institute Philology through Tolkien class with Nelson Goering – spending the rest of the evening curled up with Joseph Wright’s Primer of the Gothic Language.”

09.03.2013 – “That [Lord of the Rings II] was so awesome! Corey Olsen did an amazing job talking about the depth and history to be found at Helm’s Deep.”

07.26.2013 – “Virtual university is very cool. My truck got sick, and I took it in first thing this morning. Turns out that there was something pretty major wrong, so I’ve ended up sitting at the mechanic’s all day. But I didn’t miss today’s Beyond Middle-earth lecture with Tom Shippey, which was excellent. It’s so…so 21st Century!”

02.06.2013 – “Thanks to the Mythgard Institute and Verlyn Flieger’s Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth course for initiating these thoughts- in the form of an exam no less!” – On Tolkien, Beowulf, and Tragedy

01.13.2013 – “Just got access to a Library for my course. First reaction: LOOK AT ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF! IT HAS THIS, AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS… AND OMIGOD WAR OF THE WORLDS AND THIS AND LOOOOOOVE. Second Reaction: *sniffles* I… I don’t have time to read it all…”

12.19.2012 – “Hwæt!. . . wē Gār-Dena in geār-dagum þēod-cyninga þrym gefrūnon . . . .” Not something you hear every day, declaimed with bardic harp! But we got that, along with off-the-cuff musings on Tolkien’s Hobbit and apocrypha related to the new Peter Jackson Hobbit film from Prof. Corey Olsen, Peter S. Beagle, and many informed, talented, and insightful folks. Mythmoot was a wonderful, fun-packed weekend.

12.18.2012 - Most of all, however, is the unshakeable feeling that, somehow, in the course of only 36 hours, I’ve managed to forge and fortify connections that in five, ten, twenty years I’ll look back on and be able to say, “It all started at Mythmoot!”

11.11.2012 - Considering a class with Dr. Amy Sturgis?  The trained mind of a historian, the bibliophilic heart of a librarian, Dr. Sturgis teaches with enthusiasm about her passions.  Pro Tip – enjoy her lectures with a Goodreads window open, so you can add the scores of titles and authors she recommends just in the casual course of conversation!

11.03.2012 - I’ve always enjoyed writing papers, but never half as much as I enjoy writing them for Mythgard. I still can’t get over that I get to write about elves and hobbits!

09.03.2012 - Yes! home in time to catch up on first week of Mythgard Institute History of the Hobbit classes and discussion boardand the attns live class tonight at 1:30am on MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin – Tolkien work beckons from tomorrow and rest of holiday week.

07.25.2012 – @mythgardian “Thank you guys for joining me in this course” We myth you already…

06.23.2012 – Prof. Olsen is an inspiring lecturer as can be seen in his Tolkien Professor podcasts. I am looking forward to the opportunity to buy the course package later this year [...]

06.20.2012 – I have greatly enjoyed Modern Fantasy so far. Dr. Olsen’s lectures have led me to appreciate these works in ways that a casual reading would not have allowed. I only wish I had time to take the class for credit and write the papers, but alas that is not possible due to other time commitments. I will certainly consider taking additional courses from Mythgard in the future.

06.15.2012 – This course is great. We are reading and discussing books that I never would have thought of in an academic setting. Dr. Olsen is helping us really pay attention to the text (rather than skim and jump immediately to theories), and his collaborative approach to his lectures is stimulating new ways of viewing the stories for me. Love it!!!

06.17.2012 – I am very pleased with my results in this course. I have not been in an academic setting for a very long time and I do not have undergraduate training in literary analysis or criticism. So this first course of my Masters degree has been a trip into the deep end of the pool, and with the help of Professors Olsen and Daley aw well as my fellow students, my head is well above water and I am swimming!

05.13.2012 - Just uploaded my final exam for the Tolkien/Lewis course. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a final exam!

04.26.2012 – Just watched the brilliant lecture Dr Verlyn Flieger gave last night for Mythgard Institute‘s Tolkien and Lewis course on The Lost Road and Notion Club Papers and now off to bed with her edition of On Fairy Stories with all the notes and deleted bits – pure Tolkienian bliss!

03.14.2012 – @Mythgardian: First time in my educational life I’ve ever been bitter about Spring Break. I’d rather be in class right now!

02.22.2012 - Many thanks to my course preceptor Liam Daley for his support as I toil to master literary analysis. It’s great having someone cheering me on, especially when that someone is as talented and helpful as Liam!

02.18.2012 – Honest, if you haven’t started at least auditing these courses yet, put Mythgard onto your calendar this summer!!! You’ll be glad you did!

02.10.2012 – [T]he semester is going great. Engaging with the texts academically, discussing them with other intelligent people, and the fantastic insight and enthusiasm of Professor Olsen make for a really awesome experience.

02.09.2012 – I’m having a really wonderful time! But it IS getting increasingly difficult not to make hobbit talk and Harry talk a part of conversation to anyone and everyone I meet throughout the day…

01.31.2012 – Something that it is better than [..] in any [other] University in which I have been involved in the past: Mythgard actually listens to us. How lucky we are!

11.29.2011 – One of the most incredibly insightful and exciting lectures on Lord of the Rings I have ever heard or read – Drout lives inside Tolkien and it is a true gift to hear him talk on LOTR[. ] This is the power of the Mythgard Institute being able to hear and interact with the great minds of Tolkien and related scholarship of today!

11.25.2011 – [...] the thing I like most is that it has helped me rediscover a passion that I forgot I had. It has been a long time since I’ve read critically and really studied a piece of literature, and I did not remember how much I enjoyed that. Plus, it has put me in touch with others of a like mind, or at least similar-enough minds, whom I likely would not have met otherwise. (read more)

09.16.2011 – Professor Olsen, THANK YOU. Thank you so much for the lecture on writing papers.

08.30.2011 – I absolutely love the format of the Netmoot [webinar]. I especially appreciate that I can watch the recording of the lecture a second time and give greater consideration to the ideas of the professors and the questions of the students.

08.29.2011 - Bravo! [...] Tom Shippey’s lecture was excellent. [...] Thank you, Mythgard Institute, for bringing such a great mind to us and look forward to next week!

08.16.2011 - I’m excited too. And my husband, who will be auditing vicariously, is more anxious for a schedule than I am.

07.22.2011 - Another advantage of the Mythgard Institute over traditional universities — we have unlimited, free, and easy-to-access parking!-