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Mythgard Institute Student Awards

At Mythgard Institute, we are incredibly proud of all of our students and their achievements in academic research both inside the classroom and beyond.  This drive to further scholarship of the worlds found within an individual’s favorite works is precisely why Mythgard faculty endeavor to offer people everywhere an opportunity to learn what they love.

“Praise them with great praise!” - ROTK VI.iv.

While Mythgard Institute is still a young higher learning endeavor, our students are already impressing their peers and the experts with their research and writing.These are but a few examples of what will surely be many student conference presentations, published works and scholarly prizes.

Want to get involved by presenting your own work or having it published? Be sure to check out our regularly updated calls for proposals.


Silver Leaves, Issue 5

Fall 2013

Silver Leaves. Issue 5: The Hobbit

Kelly Renée Orazi

  • “The Elves of Rivendell: A Comparison of the Manuscript and Published Hobbit”

Kris Swank

  • “Evanescence,” “Elthaleen,” “Goblins’ Banquet” and “Half-Knight” (4 poems)

Mythlore 32.1 (Fall/Winter 2013)

Kris Swank

  • “The Hobbit and the Father Christmas Letters”

Summer 2013

mythcon-44-logoMythopoeic Society Conference 2013 (Mythcon 44)

Laura Lee Smith

  • “First Contact: Man in the Landscape of Tormance and Perelandra”

Ryan Joy

  • “Mary Shelley’s Creature and Picard’s Humanity”

Kris Swank

  • “Good Plain Food: Diet and Virtue in the Fantasies of Tolkien and Lewis”

Dan Kinney

  • “The Musical Heart of the Lands of Narnia and Middle-earth”

Trish Lambert

  • “How the Respective Cosmogonies of Narnia and Middle-earth Affect Grief and Hope in the Environment”

Andrew Higgins

  • LeakyCon“A Linguistic Exploration through Tolkien’s Earliest Landscapes”

Joss in June: A Conference on the Works of Joss Whedon

Curtis Weyant

  • “Exploring Cabins in the Whedonverse Woods”

LeakyCon Portland

Kelly Orazi

  • “When Gothic Meets Comic: Exploring the Ghosts of Hogwarts”

Tolkien StudiesTolkien Studies, Volume 10

Kris Swank

  • “Tom Bombadil’s Last Song: Tolkien’s ‘Once Upon A Time’”

Western Michigan Logo

Forty-Eighth International Congress on Medieval Studies

Laura Smith

  • “Songs of Peril in The Hobbit”

Kris Swank

  • “Black and Liminal in Camelot”

Real Myth and Mithril

Real Myth and Mithril

Kris Swank

  • Scholar Guest of Honor
    “Good Plain Food: Diet and Virtue in the Fantasy Worlds of Tolkien and Lewis”

Spring 2013

Potterwatch 2013

Potter Watch 2013

Ryan Joy

  • “How Harry Sees the World”

Ashley Thomas

  • “The Function of Poetry in Harry Potter”

Valparaiso Conference LogoValparaiso University Conference on Tolkien and His Works

Trish Lambert

  • “From Ear to Eye… to Film: The Transformation of The Hobbit”

Laura Smith

  • “This of course is the way to talk to dragons: etiquette-based humor in The Hobbit”

Kris Swank

  • “The Hobbit and Father Christmas”

Fall 2012

Woode-walkers Hobbit Symposium 2012Woode-walkers Hobbit Symposium

Trish Lambert

  • “Snow White and Bilbo Baggins: Disney, Tolkien… and Jackson”

Paul Nygard

  • “Teaching Tolkien at St. Louis Community College”
  • “The History of Middle-earth Network Radio”

Unaffiliated with a Publication

Anne Marie Gazelle

Summer 2012

Return of the RingThe Return of the Ring

Sara Brown

  • “There’s No Place Like Home: Place, Protection and Belonging in Tolkien’s Legendarium”

Andrew Higgins

  • “Richard Wagner and J.R.R. Tolkien: A Portrait of Two Sub-creators”

Isaac Juan Tomas

  • “Applying Tolkien’s Eucatastrophy to Ged and A Wizard of Earthsea”

Sandra Hall

  • “Tolkien and languages: how Tolkien used language to create Middle-earth”

Mythcon 43 Logo

Mythopoeic Society Conference 2012 (Mythcon 43)

Alyssa House Thomas

Kelly Orazi

  • “Through the Wardrobe and Under-Hill: World and Setting in Children’s Fantasy Literature”

Scott Holbrook-Foust

  • “Two Trees Twining: Rays of Light in the Northern Night”

Penelope Holdaway

  • “The Phoenix and the Leaf”

Laura Smith

  • “Who Moved My Hoard: The Reluctant Traveler Meets the Dragon”