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Tol Brandir, by Ted Nasmith

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Riddles in the Dark 3.13: Farewell to Thorin

Audio Episode   Where will the deathbed conversation between Bilbo and Thorin occur? A) In a tent in Dale (book answer) B) On the battlefield C) In the mountain D) It doesn’t take place E) None of the above   Corey:  C Trish: B Dave: A Listener Poll:  A 11 %; B 48 %;  C […]

CFP 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies @ Kalamazoo

The Call for Papers for all sessions of the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies – taking place in Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 14-17, 2015 — is now available at The proposal deadline is September 15, 2014, but submit your proposal early for best consideration. There are proposed sessions on J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Medievalism, […]

3 Joss Whedon CFPs!

Wanna share your insights on the Whedonverse: Buffy? Firefly? Marvel’s Black Widow? More! Here are 3 terrific Calls for Papers: 1. Special Issue of Slayage on Firefly/Serenity Issue 13.1 of Slayage (Spring 2015) will be a special issue devoted entirely to Firefly/Serenity. It will be guest-edited by Michael Goodrum and Philip Smith, editors of the forthcoming […]

The Signum Eagle takes flight

The Signum Eagle, a new monthly newsletter to help you stay connected with the activities of Signumites and Mythgardians across the many realms, is now available. Check out the inaugural July issue, which focuses on the many conventions and conferences Signum students and faculty will be attending.

CFP: Tolkien Day @ The Ohio State U.

A two-day event on February 20-21, 2015, sponsored and produced by The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH is intended as a means to bring together faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and local communities to explore, celebrate, and critique the diverse historical and cultural themes that relate to The […]

Companions in Fantasy

Lewis & Tolkien Banner

Discover the worlds of Lewis & Tolkien.

Science Fiction, Part I

Science Fiction, Part I

Strap in and explore the beginnings of the genre.

Fantasy Before Tolkien

Roots of the Mountain

Travel to the Roots of the Mountain this Fall.

Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory V

Audio episode Great listener ideas for the Battle of Dol Guldur and related topics. Here is the link to the photo that was talked about.   Conudrum 3.09: Will Elrond show up in person for the Battle of Dol Guldur? Corey: Y Trish: Y Audience: Yes  73%     No  27%   Conundrum 3.10: Will the Witch […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.12: The Battle of Five Armies, Part 2

Audio Episode Special Note: Between ~Minute 18 and ~Minute 43, Corey, Dave, and Trish detoured from the main topic into a consideration of fantasy genres, and did a lot of Tolkien/GrrMartin comparison. Pretty good food for thought…   Which Erebor Dwarves will live and which will die in BoFA? A) Thorin, Fili, Kili (book answer) […]