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Tol Brandir, by Ted Nasmith

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Tolkien Chat: Mythgard at Mythcon 2014

Corey Olsen was joined by a record number of Mythgard students at Mythcon 45 in August 2014. In the midst of all the activity, the group got the chance to get together and compare notes about the conference and the papers being presented. As an added benefit, they were visited by a string of special […]

Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory VI

Audio episode The remaining conundra: C3.11: Will Roac show up in the flesh (feathers)? Laura No Corey:Yes Listeners: 67% Yes; 33% No   C3.12: Will Tauriel die with Kili (i.e., same place/same time)? Laura Yes Corey: Yes Listeners: 63% Yes; 38% Yes   C3.13: Will the Arkenstone be buried with Thorin? Laura: Yes Corey: No Listeners: 83% […]

CFP: Conference On Middle-earth 2015

The Conference On Middle-earth, March 28-29, 2015, Albany, NY solicits papers, paper proposals, and panel proposals from scholars interested in any aspect of The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien. Topics: J.R.R. Tolkien, his works, works based on Tolkien and his works, criticism, teaching Tolkien in the classroom, the books’ impact on oneself and/or the world, the […]

CFP Reminder: Tolkien@Kalamazoo proposals due Sept. 1st

September 1, 2014 is the fast-approaching deadline to submit paper proposals for Tolkien @ Kalamazoo at the International Medieval Congress to be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2015. The paper sessions will be: Tolkien’s Beowulf: This session will focus on the recent publication of Tolkien’s Beowulf translation by his son Christopher, how it relates to other Tolkien […]

CFP Reminder: Mythmoot III Proposals due August 31st

If you’ve been thinking about submitting a proposal to present a paper at Mythmoot III in Baltimore, MD on January 10-11, 2015, you have a little more than 2 weeks before the August 31st deadline! If you have not been thinking about submitting a proposal… why not? Mythmoot is great place to meet like-mindind individuals and […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.14: The Aftermath

Audio Episode   What is the attitude about the future in the Erebor region after the battle? A. They think that peace is here to stay (book answer) B. Everyone believes it is the beginning of times of war and they need to prepare C. They recognize the possibility of war but are not making […]

Riddles in the Dark 3: Bonus Episode

Audio Episode Dave and guest listener Karen offer their experiences of Comic-Con, after which Corey (with Dave and Trish) analyzes the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in his usual detailed manner. Because this episode relies heavily on visual aspects, there is also a video version of the episode.

CFP: Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion

Whedonites, rejoice! With the ever-prolific Joss Whedon’s recent and upcoming works in mind, Titan Publishing has approached PopMatters about doing an updated edition to Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion. We’re looking for fresh essays on Much Ado About Nothing, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers and update on The Cabin in the Woods, and anything else […]

Museum of Science Fiction

There is a new and exciting development on the horizon that is right in the Mythgard ballpark. The Museum of Science Fiction, to be located in the Washington D.C. area, will be “the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum, covering the history of the genre across the arts and providing a narrative on its relationship […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.13: Farewell to Thorin

Audio Episode   Where will the deathbed conversation between Bilbo and Thorin occur? A) In a tent in Dale (book answer) B) On the battlefield C) In the mountain D) It doesn’t take place E) None of the above   Corey:  C Trish: B Dave: A Listener Poll:  A 11 %; B 48 %;  C […]