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Tol Brandir, by Ted Nasmith

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The 2014 Mythgard Academy Fundraising Campaign is Underway!

We are concluding a great year of free courses at the Mythgard Academy. In addition to finishing Return of the King and thus completing The Lord of the Rings, Corey Olsen led classes in Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales and The Book of Lost Tales, Part 1. We also visited the science-fiction side of the house, with Ender’s […]

CFP: FORGOTTEN LEAVES: A New Tolkien Fan Anthology

Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial A New Tolkien Fan Anthology The volume will contain selected essays from Parma Nole: Journal of the Northeast Tolkien Society that are being brushed up and republished alongside new solicited essays. Additionally, this collection will contain previously unpublished lectures, critical (and non-critical) essays, interviews & reviews. Depending upon the […]

CFP: The Once & Future Antiquity–Classical Traditions in SciFi & Fantasy

Call for Proposals! The Once and Future Antiquity: Classical Traditions in Science Fiction and Fantasy University of Puget Sound March 27th-29th, 2015 What roles has classical antiquity played in visions of the future, the fantastic, the speculative, the might-have-been? How have works of science fiction, from Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, imagined ancient traditions in relation to […]

Riddles in the Dark Postgame Episode 1

Audio episode Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen, Dave Kale and Trish Lambert shift gears into the new phase of Riddles in the Dark Year 3.  Now it’s all about analysis. The episode kicks off with an idea from a listener about how Gollum might show up in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Then […]

CFP: The 36th ICFA: The Scientific Imagination

36th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA 36) “The Scientific Imagination” March 18-22, 2015 Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel The Scientific Imagination will be the theme for ICFA 36. Join us as we explore the possibilities and intersections of science and imagination—from Faust and Frankenstein, through the Golden Age and the New Wave, to steampunk and mash-ups—in all […]

CFP: Tolkien Studies – Popular Culture Association 2015

Call For Proposals – Tolkien Studies! The Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) 2015 Joint Annual Conference in New Orleans, April 1-4, 2015 is seeking proposals We welcome proposals on any area of Tolkien Studies (the Legendarium, adaptations, reader reception and fan studies, media and marketing) from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective. Sessions are […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.16: Time to Vote!

Audio episode The formal riddle game has ended. In this episode, the whole Riddles in the Dark gang move as quickly as they can through all 15 riddles and condundra as Corey goes public by filling in his submission form for all to see. Now it is time for you to fill out and submit […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.15: The Journey Home

Audio Episode   What will Bilbo’s relationship with the Ring look like at the end of Movie 3 (not including the frame)? A.  He keeps it with him and regards it as a useful trinket B.  He keeps it with him but is distrustful of it C.  He stores it away and doesn’t use it […]

Tolkien Chat: Mythgard at Mythcon 2014

Corey Olsen was joined by a record number of Mythgard students at Mythcon 45 in August 2014. In the midst of all the activity, the group got the chance to get together and compare notes about the conference and the papers being presented. As an added benefit, they were visited by a string of special […]

Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory VI

Audio episode The remaining conundra: C3.11: Will Roac show up in the flesh (feathers)? Laura No Corey:Yes Listeners: 67% Yes; 33% No   C3.12: Will Tauriel die with Kili (i.e., same place/same time)? Laura Yes Corey: Yes Listeners: 63% Yes; 38% Yes   C3.13: Will the Arkenstone be buried with Thorin? Laura: Yes Corey: No Listeners: 83% […]