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Tol Brandir, by Ted Nasmith

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Michael Drout Guest Lecture

You are invited!

Tolkien: Lost Tales, Part II

Book of Lost Tales, Part II

Explore Tolkien’s Book of Lost Tales, Part II with The Tolkien Professor! Have you ever wondered how J.R.R. Tolkien’s compelling and detailed fictional world developed? Would you like to study how stories and mythologies grow? Are you interested to read Tolkien’s early works published in The History of Middle-earth series, but you’ve been a little […]

Riddles in the Dark: The Beginning of the End

Audio episode Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen and co-hosts Dave Kale and Trish Lambert conduct a lightning round of Year 3 riddles and conundra. The fall out–the ones that they couldn’t agree on–will be debated and discussed in the next episode.

3 New SF/Fantasy CFPs

Here are new Calls for Papers of potential interest to Mythgardians. 1. Ambivalent Ambiguities: Depictions of Race in Young Adult Dystopian and Science Fiction (for more information: 2. The Once and Future Antiquity: Classical Traditions in Science Fiction and Fantasy (for more information: 3. Alchemy in Harry Potter (for more information:

Dr. Sturgis offers free weekend lecture series

This Spring, Mythgard’s own Dr. Amy H. Sturgis is offering a two-weekend lecture series (March 28-29 and April 11-12) free of charge to undergraduates and graduate students from any institution. Hotel accommodation in Asheville, NC and catering is included. Explore the dystopian tradition a stone’s throw away from the filming sites of The Hunger Games! Learn more at

Riddles in the Dark the Epilog

Join Corey, Dave, and Trish as they run through the full list of riddles and conundra from Year 3. Any controversial items will be tabled for a follow-on episode.

January 2015 Signum Eagle: Spring Classes

Signum Eagle

The January 2015 issue of the Signum Eagle – Signum University’s student and faculty newsletter – is now available. This month features articles on the new Spring classes here at the Mythgard Institute (which are still open for registration through January 23!), as well as a recap of the recent Mythmoot III conference. Andrew Higgins returns with another installment […]

3 new Tolkien/Fantasy CFPs

1. Silver Leaves journal issue 6 will focus on the theme of “Music in Middle Earth”.  Silver Leaves welcomes artwork submissions, and all academic, journalistic, reflective, and creative submissions pertaining to music in Middle-earth and fantasy music in general. There is also limited room for creative and non-fiction submissions relating to Tolkien’s works, or to […]

Beowulf Through Tolkien

Beowulf Through Tolkien

Explore Tolkien’s lifelong fascination with the tale of Beowulf Tolkien’s involvement with Beowulf was lifelong. His 1936 lecture to the British Academy on “the Monsters and the Critics” has been said to be the most-cited academic paper of all time, in the humanities. But he also lectured to undergraduates until he retired in 1957 – […]

Science Fiction, Part II

Science Fiction Part II

Dr. Amy H. Sturgis is back for the second half of her course on Sci-Fi. What does it mean to be human? Are we alone? What wonders or terrors will tomorrow hold? Join award-winning scholar Dr. Amy H. Sturgis as she explores the ways in which the literature of science fiction over time has asked […]