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Riddles in the Dark Postgame Episode 4

Audio Episode The Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen and co-hosts Dave Kale and Trish Lambert happily wade into the material that has been released in the media about The Hobbit: The Battle of the [sic] Five Armies.

Riddles in the Dark Postgame Episode 3

Audio Episode Video Version LEGO announced its sets for the third Hobbit movie. Predictably, Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen went to town on them with the support of co-hosts Dave Kale and Trish Lambert. Good times.

Riddles in the Dark Postgame Episode 2

Audio Episode Corey, Trish, Dave and live listeners found little to like in the movie banner for the third installment of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit series. So how, you may ask, did this turn in to one of the longer Riddles in the Dark episodes? Must have been all the tangential conversations…

Riddles in the Dark Postgame Episode 1

Audio episode Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen, Dave Kale and Trish Lambert shift gears into the new phase of Riddles in the Dark Year 3.  Now it’s all about analysis. The episode kicks off with an idea from a listener about how Gollum might show up in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Then […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.16: Time to Vote!

Audio episode The formal riddle game has ended. In this episode, the whole Riddles in the Dark gang move as quickly as they can through all 15 riddles and condundra as Corey goes public by filling in his submission form for all to see. Now it is time for you to fill out and submit […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.15: The Journey Home

Audio Episode   What will Bilbo’s relationship with the Ring look like at the end of Movie 3 (not including the frame)? A.  He keeps it with him and regards it as a useful trinket B.  He keeps it with him but is distrustful of it C.  He stores it away and doesn’t use it […]

Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory VI

Audio episode The remaining conundra: C3.11: Will Roac show up in the flesh (feathers)? Laura No Corey:Yes Listeners: 67% Yes; 33% No   C3.12: Will Tauriel die with Kili (i.e., same place/same time)? Laura Yes Corey: Yes Listeners: 63% Yes; 38% Yes   C3.13: Will the Arkenstone be buried with Thorin? Laura: Yes Corey: No Listeners: 83% […]

Riddles in the Dark 3.14: The Aftermath

Audio Episode   What is the attitude about the future in the Erebor region after the battle? A. They think that peace is here to stay (book answer) B. Everyone believes it is the beginning of times of war and they need to prepare C. They recognize the possibility of war but are not making […]

Riddles in the Dark 3: Bonus Episode

Audio Episode Dave and guest listener Karen offer their experiences of Comic-Con, after which Corey (with Dave and Trish) analyzes the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in his usual detailed manner. Because this episode relies heavily on visual aspects, there is also a video version of the episode.

Riddles in the Dark 3.13: Farewell to Thorin

Audio Episode   Where will the deathbed conversation between Bilbo and Thorin occur? A) In a tent in Dale (book answer) B) On the battlefield C) In the mountain D) It doesn’t take place E) None of the above   Corey:  C Trish: B Dave: A Listener Poll:  A 11 %; B 48 %;  C […]