Riddles in the Dark 3: Submission Form

Here it is…the last Riddles in the Dark submission form for the last Riddles in the Dark game. Check your choice for each riddle and conundrum (you must choose one for each before submitting). Then, optional and for bonus points, check the characters that you think will die  in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Deadline for form submission is midnight Eastern Time, Sunday, September 21st.



Riddle 3.01

Who will kill Azog in "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"?
A. Dain (book answer, kind of)
B. Beorn
C. A member of the Company (including Thorin and Bilbo)
D. A member of the White Council [if, for example, Azog dies at Dol Guldur instead of being at BoFA]
E. A combination of two or more of the above
F. None of the above

Riddle 3.02

What stand will Legolas and Tauriel take regarding the Siege of Erebor?
A. Neither openly defies Thranduil (book answer with two characters who aren’t in the book!)
B. Legolas supports his father, Tauriel openly defies him
C. Tauriel supports Thranduil, Legolas defies him
D. Both openly defy Thranduil

Riddle 3.03

Where will The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies begin?
A. An historic flashback in any location
B. Erebor in the present
C. Laketown in the present
D. Dol Guldur in the present
E. None of the above (including prolog or frame narrative)

Riddle 3.04

How will Bard escape from prison?
A. He escapes on his own
B. The Dwarves get him out (perhaps with help from Tauriel)
C. Bard’s son gets him out
D. A combination of B and C
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.05

What will the Master be doing during Smaug’s attack?
A. Escaping Laketown (book answer)
B. Cowering somewhere in town
C. Shouting orders while obviously staying clear of danger
D. Moving around in the middle of the action
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.06

How will Thorin summon Dain and the Dwarves of the Iron Hills?
A. A raven or other kind of bird
B. A subset of the dwarves will go fetch Dain.
C. Dain and his people will come without summons
D. The Arkenstone will mystically signal loyal dwarves to join their king
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.07

How will Thranduil relate to the Men of Laketown with regard to the Siege?
A. As a wise and benevolent and passive supporter (book answer)
B. As an active ally on equal terms
C. As the dominant force of the combined army
D. The two armies arrive at Erebor independently
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.08

What does Bilbo do with the Arkenstone?
A. Gives it to the Elves and/or Men (book answer)
B. Gives it to Thorin or another Dwarf
C. Keeps it
D. He never had it
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.09

What becomes of Radagast in Movie 3?
A. He lives and disappears from the story (book answer)
B. He is killed at Dol Guldur
C. He is killed at the Battle of Five Armies
D. He is killed by Saruman (trumps B or C)
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.10

Where will Sauron be during the Battle of Five Armies?
A. Fleeing (or feigning to) from Dol Guldur, headed to Barad-dur
B. Remotely directing his armies
C. Taking part in the battle in person
D. Lurking ominously somewhere
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.11

How does the battle between the goblins and the three allied peoples (Men, Elves, Dwarves) begin?
A. The allies are about to fight (or are fighting) when Gandalf stops them, warning that goblins have arrived (book answer).
B. The allies are about to fight (or are fighting) and are stopped by someone other than Gandalf.
C. The allies are about to fight but they hear or see the arriving orc army before they start.
D. The allies start fighting and the orcs attack in the middle of their fight.
E. There is never an imminent threat of battle between the three future allies.

Riddle 3.12

Which Erebor Dwarves will live and which will die in BoFA?
A) Thorin, Fili, Kili (book answer)
B) Thorin, Fili, Kili die and one or more other Dwarves die
C) Thorin dies, Fili and/or Kili live, and all other Dwarves live
D) Thorin lives, other Dwarves may or may not die
E) None of the above

Riddle 3.13

Where will the deathbed conversation between Bilbo and Thorin occur?
A) In a tent in Dale (book answer)
B) On the battlefield
C) In the mountain
D) It doesn’t take place
E) None of the above

Riddle 3.14

What is the attitude about the future in the Erebor region after the battle?
A. They think that peace is here to stay (book answer)
B. Everyone believes it is the beginning of times of war and they need to prepare
C. They recognize the possibility of war but are not making active preparations
D. There is a strong division of opinion
E. None of the above

Riddle 3.15

What will Bilbo’s relationship with the Ring look like at the end of Movie 3 (not including the frame)?
A. He keeps it with him and regards it as a useful trinket
B. He keeps it with him but is distrustful of it
C. He stores it away and doesn’t use it
D. He considers it a souvenir and keeps it on his mantle
E. None of the above