LotR Movie Marathon


About the Marathon

1 day, 6 meals, and 681 minutes of Lord of the Rings

In Spring 2014, Mythgard President and “Tolkien Professor” Corey Olsen will host the Mythgard Lord of the Rings movie marathon, complete with several hobbit-style meals and plenty of intermission discussion.

It’s a great opportunity to watch all three LoTR extended editions, back-to-back and on the big screen again, with commentary from Professor Olsen. The event is open to the publich. Festivities kick off at 10:00am with breakfast and part 1 of The Fellowship of the Ring and wrap up around 1:15am the next morning, post-dessert, with the end of The Return of the King. During the intermissions, we host half-hour discussions of the LoTR films and books, which The Tolkien Professor records as podcasts.

For those who can’t make it to the event in person, we post updates throughout the day to the Mythgard Facebook page and our Twitter feed. You can also check the blog for live updates. But trust us, you don’t want to miss out on such yummy goodies as sausages and nice crispy bacon, Naz-goulash, roasted po-ta-toes with Ent-draught and Lembas bread, and – perhaps – our famous and controversial Balrog Wings!


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