A New Era in Higher Education

For years, students have had two basic options in higher education: take courses at a residential college or major university or choose to take online classes. The former traditionally presents challenges of increasing cost and geography while the latter is lacking the dialectical interactions that enrich the residential college experience.

But now, there is a third choice, which brings together the best of both systems:
The Mythgard Institute.

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Listen In: President Olsen’s Vision for Mythgard (YouTube)

A New Center of Study

The Mythgard Institute is dedicated to making a rigorous, dynamic, and interactive educational experience possible for students around the world through the latest online course tools.

Mythgard offers challenging, engaging classes, taught by world-class teachers and leading scholars. The Institute encourages collaboration and intense discussion and works to foster an environment of critical thinking.

We believe in studying what we love, and sharing it with all those who wish to learn.

We aspire to be an organization that will support and facilitate teaching and research in Tolkien studies, fantasy literature, and related fields into the twenty-first century.

Visit Academics to review our current and upcoming courses – and discover new opportunities for studying the authors and works you love.

The Idea Behind Mythgard

When Corey Olsen began podcasting as the Tolkien Professor, he discovered a fantastic new world opening before him at the crossroads of technology and academia, where distance has no bearing on learning and connection.

Watch his talk “Down the Hobbit Hole:  Finding Connection in Online Learning” from TEDxChesterRiver.


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